Del Noah and the Mt Ararat Finks



TheseĀ guys have been blasting forth with their blend of nitromethane-fueled hot rod instrumentals (“Blower Explosion,” “Hole Shot”), drag/surf vocals (“Amish Drag Buggy,” “Sasquatch on a Snowmobile,”), surf instros (“Mafia Staff Woody”), greasy sax-driven stripper-lounge exotica (“Re-Satch-a-Go-Go”) and ‘B’ crime drama soundtrack music (“Theme From The Big Payroll Caper”) since 1991. In addition to originals, the band mixes in covers of 50’s & 60’s B-movie & TV tunes originally done by the likes of AIP soundtrack king Ronald Stein, JD/sci-fi movie comic relief hipster Slick Slavin, future game show god Bert Convy and even sports-car movie hero Elvis Presley.

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