3rd Alley


Drummer Mudd (Greg), grew up playing drums in the legendary Long Beach band The Falling Idols. He has also played/plays in bands such as Del Noah, Corn Doggy Dog, Glue Factory, Busface, and many others.

Singer/songwriter Zack Walters, fronted the San Diego band Handful, and more recently has performed around the country as a solo artist.

Last – but not least – bass player Tyson began his career in show business as the adorable Sunny Delight child in a national campaign to increase SD’s market share. Tyson is currently moonlighting as the bass player for the Indonesian Mules and Glue Factory (in rotation with Eric Wilson and Randy Bradbury) as well, while reading scripts looking to reinvent his sagging commercial career.

Within the first year of the band’s existence, 3rd Alley has already played across the states of Florida, New York, New Jersey, Maryland, Nevada, New Mexico, the length of California, and more.

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